How to remove a mole

remove a moleRemoving skin moles to achieve smooth clear skin has never been easier using specially prepared essential oils.

These essential oils are designed just for removing skin moles safely and permanently.




Test Trials

A small bottle of mole remover was delivered to our door a day after we ordered it from Amoils based in California. It came with complete instructions for use. They were written clearly and easy to follow. Our volunteer subject was a young woman (Elizabeth) who had a a small number of moles an her left cheek she wished to have removed. The oil was applied to the moles daily using a small brush (like the ones to paint fingernails).

Mole Removal Week 1

After a few days the moles developed a hard shell over them but other than that there was no indication that they would be removed. Elizabeth related that although the moles felt different to touch she did not feel any pain or discomfort.

Mole Removal Week 2 – 3

After one week the moles had developed the texture of a scab – although they didn’t change in appearance other than appearing a little darker than usual. After 12 days two of the smaller moles flaked away leaving a slightly pinker  mark of new skin. Day 13 and another mole flaked away leaving a smooth but slightly pinker new skin behind. On the 17th day the larger mole flaked away leaving smooth pinkish skin.

Mole Removal Week 3 – 6

By the third week evidence of there having been moles on her cheek was hard to notice as the tone new skin from under the removed moles had blended with the surrounding skin. By 6 weeks all evidence of previous moles or treatment had disappeared and it was no longer able to determine where the removed moles had been unless photographs were viewed. See below:
Elizabeth mole removal before and after
After 6 weeks from commencing treatment on a cluster of moles all traces have vanished.

For more information a link to Amoils site is provided below:


We were very impressed by the end result – although it took 5 to 6 weeks before all traces had completely vanished. Indeed, if it were not for the before and after photos we took it would be virtually impossible to tell that our subject ever had moles on her left cheek/jaw.

Consideration of Various Mole Sizes

Moles of any size or depth can be completely and permanently removed with essential oil although the larger the mole the longer it will take for them to be eliminated. We have been advised by that it can take up to 4 weeks for extremely large moles to be removed. Given that it can take up to 3 weeks for the fresh and smooth skin to fade to the tone of the surrounding skin, it is conceivable that all traces of a very large skin mole would not have completely vanished for up to 7 weeks after first application of the oil treatment.

Difficult to Reach Moles

Another concern brought to our attention was the treatment of moles that would be difficult to access – such as moles forming on ones back. Essential oil mole removal requires the daily application directly to the surface of the mole. If the mole is in an inaccessible place then it would require the help of an assistant.

Ease of Use

Using essential oils to remove oils requires no special skills and clear directions are provided with each bottle. A degree of patience is required however. We have been informed that if the mole is prematurely scratched off then the underlying new skin will be more ‘pink’ in color and may take longer to achieve the same skin tone as surrounding skin.

No Pain or Discomfort Experienced

We were initially concerned that this procedure would cause discomfort for the subject. We are happy to report that very little discomfort was experienced. No pain or burning sensation – just a slight ‘odd’ feeling on the area affected was reported.

Best Solution for Mole Removal

Our test have enabled us happy to recommend amoil mole removal essential oil as the best mole removal solution available. Compared to many “home remedies” being sold, these specially prepared essential oils, administered topically (on the mole’s surface) have little chance of going wrong. If you use this mole removal formula the results are very predictable. All moles treated will be removed without a trace within 3 to 6 weeks.

For more information click on the product page link below:

Can essential oil made to remove moles be used by anyone?

No. Amoils advises that mole removal oil should not to be used if you are pregnant or nursing. The oil also should not be used on children under the age of 4 years

100% Money-back Gurantee of Satisfying Results, as an established company with a solid reputation that believes it its products and offers a 100% money-back refund to anyone who is unsatisfied with their products -so you can buy with confidence.

Delivery to Addresses outside the USA based in California ships the oil by express the day an order is received (before 2pm West Coast time zone) so US citizens in most states can expect a bottle to be delivered to their door by the next day. They also ship all over the world although it make take a few more days to arrive depending on location.

Advantages over Surgical Mole Removal

There are significant advantages to using essential oils to remove a mole over invasive surgery. Surgery to remove moles can be prohibitively expensive whereas one bottle of mole remover ($26) can treat and remove many moles at once.

For more information click on the product page link below:

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